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The Story

Cowboys Versus Indians is a romantic comedy about RAJ, a 30-something second-generation Indian American making his annual trip home to St. Louis to participate in the Cowboys and Indians Thanksgiving football rivalry.  A 20-year neighborhood tradition that pits RAJ and his cousin ASHWIN (the Indians) against childhood friends, SYLVIE, her older brother JEREMIAH, and oddball OLIVER (the Cowboys), the game has grown into a friendly, but fiercely competitive match involving elaborate trick plays (the Indians), and an entire playbook cribbed from the Madden NFL videogame (the Cowboys).  But this year, when the game is overshadowed by Sylvie’s impending wedding, Raj realizes that he must figure out his long dormant, newly resurfaced feelings for her before it’s too late.

Now a celebrity dentist with his own practice in Los Angeles, Raj is returning home for the first time in 5 years.  He arrives to find Jeremiah, now a stay-at-home father to eight-year-old SETH, in the midst of helping Sylvie with 11th hour preparations for her wedding-of-the-century, scheduled for the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Ashwin, (Raj’s second cousin once removed) who owns and runs the Indian-inspired Desi Diner (serving curry fried chicken and waffles!), is coping with the holiday in-law invasion, having surrendered his house and his bed to the onslaught and retreated to a cozy, mostly defensible spot beneath the kitchen table.  And last but not least, semi-retired Oliver is fabulously and independently wealthy as a result of… well, no one’s quite sure.

Raj, whose feelings for Sylvie start to resurface, discovers that her fiancé Andy, a Nordic god of perfection and former collegiate rugby champ, will be playing in the game for the Cowboys.  Suddenly, the match takes on new proportions, forcing Raj into action, throwing the game into question, and forever altering the relationships between the Cowboys and the Indians.

Cowboys versus Indians is a funny big-hearted film: imagine Judd Apatow’s bro-mance style meeting the homecoming, independent comedy, Beautiful Girls.  It is an exuberant reimagining of the sports film genre, and a modern, multicultural romantic-comedy that gives thanks for friends, family, and football.


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