Christopher VanDijk 2009 A Wink of the Eye photo by Christopher VanDijk

A Wink of the Eye is in Rhode Island* !

So dear folks,  the latest short film that the dynamic trio of Ambarish Manepalli, Christopher VanDijk  and Geoff Quan made will be screening at the
Rhode Island International Film Festival on August 10th at 9:30 Pm
in the Reel Love Shorts Program.  
If you’re in Rhode Island or Boston or anywhere in the Northeast, go see it!
We have Reel Love for Rhode Island.  This is all true.

Linkage is here   RIIFF Catalog for Wink

This is a big deal as Rhode Island International is a prestigious and respected film festival, (ahem…) Oscar qualifying… (end ahem…) and while we cannot attend we send lots of outrageous love their way.

Thanks for all the support as Wink continues its festival tour.  A few highlights below…
A Wink of the Eye has been

  • Awarded a special citation for student filmmaking at the 2010 Palm Springs Shortfest
  • Awarded the Jim Teece Audience Award at the Ashland Independent Film Festival 2011 as well as Finalist for the Jury Award for Best Short Film
  • Selected for the Vancouver International Film Festival 2010
  • and more in store…

About the Film
A Wink of the Eye is my love letter to Paris and it stars the talented Michael Gladis most well known for his role as Paul Kinsey in AMC’s Mad Men.  As well as the lovely Mathilde Leclère and Pierre Porquet.  It was written by Christopher VanDijk with a bit of hacking and directing by Ambarish Manepalli  and produced by Geoff Quan… sounds familiar, don’t it?

Ambarish and the team, out!

* , Baby!

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