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Updates! Amazing and myriad!

Hello All

A long overdue update is well… due.

Many things have happened as we surge ahead to make this film happen.

We have been selected to be a part of the
No Border’s Co-Production Market at IFP’s Project Forum
List of selected Projects 

This will be our 2nd time at IFP Project Forum, and we’re besides ourselves

We’ve also been selected to be in the 2nd round of the Nicholl’s Fellowship run by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
More than 7,500 scripts were submitted and only 350 were chosen for the 2nd round

Again, besides ourselves!

And there is more to come so staytuned.

On a personal note,

I just got married to my dearest love, in France and then a reception in the US.
Geoff and Chris attended, and it was unforgettable. Since getting married we have received many instances of good news… Coincidence, I think not!  She brings me luck!

Thanks to all for your continued support!

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