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An Indian-American Experience **

by Ambarish Manepalli So we had an amazing time at IFP (post is coming, I know you guys have been patient based on the innumerable e-mails I’ve been getting!  Ha!  I mean really, thanks Mom!) But I’d thought I’d take some time to talk about … Read More


Gearing up for IFP

So the Cowboys team is gearing up.  We’ve put together videos, look-books and much, much more. A pitch A short video explaining the project A directing reel A look book A pitch A business plan A talking parrot to pitch the film* I thought I’d … Read More


Wink is in Washington DC, also* !

So another festival to check out for A Wink of the Eye, the latest work from the tambourine playing trio: Ambarish Manepalli, Chris VanDijk and Geoffrey Quan. Wink is at DC Shorts in September Here’s the Linkage DC Shorts (like short films, not like short … Read More

A Wink of the Eye photo by Christopher VanDijk

A Wink of the Eye is in Rhode Island* !

So dear folks,  the latest short film that the dynamic trio of Ambarish Manepalli, Christopher VanDijk  and Geoff Quan made will be screening at the Rhode Island International Film Festival on August 10th at 9:30 Pm in the Reel Love Shorts Program.  If you’re in … Read More

Kids playing football

Football, it’s war, it’s love, it’s American…

By Ambarish Manepalli (Director/Writer) Growing up we played football. In the snow, on a field, in the mud sometimes… Yeah, yeah we played basketball in the driveway and we tossed around a frisbee but nothing was more important than that all important football game during … Read More

A Wink of the Eye

Director’s Statement

by Ambarish Manepalli I was born in India, but raised in the United States, spending my childhood and teenage years in St. Louis.  Despite leaving India when I was very young, I have always felt a great connection to the traditions of my birth country.  … Read More


About the Project

Cowboys Versus Indians is a romantic comedy feature from the award-winning filmmaking team of director/writer Ambarish Manepalli, writer Christopher T. VanDijk, and producer Geoffrey Quan. The project will mark the team’s second project together and their first feature film.  Their first collaboration, the short romantic … Read More