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Writing On Two Continents.

By Chris VanDijk (writer, actor, dad) I’m often asked what it’s like to write with someone who is a half a world away.  Actually, when they first find out most people cock their heads, give me a strange look (akin to a smirk) and often … Read More

Chris Rishi Writing

3 hours in 60 seconds

By Ambarish Manepalli (director, co-writer) Chris and I spent a sunny Paris afternoon writing a few weeks ago. He was in town, I was here and it’s Paris.  How can you go wrong? Check out the vimeo video above to see how it turned out. … Read More

Flag Football

The Story

Cowboys Versus Indians is a romantic comedy about RAJ, a 30-something second-generation Indian American making his annual trip home to St. Louis to participate in the Cowboys and Indians Thanksgiving football rivalry.  A 20-year neighborhood tradition that pits RAJ and his cousin ASHWIN (the Indians) … Read More